How Does Dating Work In College? (MUST KNOW)

How Does Dating Work In College?

Outside of the actual work and studying done, college is known as a place to party, make friends, and find love. But how true is this?

College is a completely different world to high school and the rules on dating change quite drastically. The world suddenly becomes a lot bigger, and there are more responsibilities put on you than ever before.

How does dating work in college?

Dating in college can be really confusing! You might be one of the lucky people who finds someone who shares the same goals and sentiments as you, or you could land up going on dates with people who are just looking for a fun time.

Dating in college is not necessarily easy, so read on to find out a few tips on how to get through it all!

Dating Isn’t Always Exclusive In College

How Does Dating Work In College?

One of the hardest lessons to learn in college is that dating isn’t always exclusive. In high school, everyone’s business was known, but coming to college changes that.

Not only are there so many more people, but a lot of people are there to have a good time. They don’t want to be tied down to one person, and while you might be the type of person to date one guy at a time, the person you are seeing could be the complete opposite.

This is made so much easier when they tell you upfront that you are not exclusive, but it isn’t always this easy.

Just keep an open mind when you start dating in college and don’t dedicate yourself to one person from the start, chances are they aren’t fully dedicated to just you either!

You Need To Balance Your College Schedule

College comes with so much more freedom than high school, but this freedom does make it more difficult to schedule your life. There is nobody pushing you to-and-fro telling you what to do and when to do it, and this can be quite a responsibility!

Remember that dating in college can be really tough when trying to balance out your schedule, and keep in mind that this is also true for the person you might be dating.

You cannot start missing classes and projects just to go out on dates, you need to learn to balance your life properly and to prioritize.

Some people do get by perfectly fine with dating in college, but others find it a bit too much to fit onto their plate and wait until they are finished college to find something a little more serious.

Dating Won’t Be Glamorous

Dating Won’t Be Glamorous

The hard truth is that college students are not always flush with cash, so ditch the idea that dating in college could be full of romantic dinner dates and luxurious getaways.

Dating in college often means late-night hangouts in a dorm room or a cheap takeaway on the walk home from a sports game. Whirlwind romances are great to think about, but they aren’t really true for a college student.

In a way, this helps you better appreciate the person you are dating for who they are, and not for the great dates they can offer you. These hangouts and cheap dates are often where you get to know each other best, and are often where long-lasting relationships start.

Avoid Dating In Your Dorm

You have probably never had to worry about avoiding dating your neighbor before, but in college, this is something to consider if living in a dorm!

You should try your best to avoid dating someone who lives on the same floor as you, or even in the same dorm as you if it is small enough. If the relationship does not last, it could lead to some very awkward moments, and it could actually end up causing more stress and anxiety than what you need.

This is obviously something that can’t always be avoided, especially if you find someone who you really like and get along with, but try your best to not fall for someone just because they happen to live three doors down from you!

Is College A Good Place To Find Love?

Most people consider college to be a good place to have a few flings and to practice your dating skills.

This is mostly because most college students want to have fun and are not looking for a committed relationship while enjoying their college life and studying and balancing everything else.

However, there are many people who have found love at college, and even lasting love. Everyone is different, and what one student is looking for in college could be completely different from the next.

You might find who you consider to be your soulmate in college, and the two of you could date and have a serious and committed relationship.

It all depends on your mindset, and the mindset of the person you are dating. If both people are on the same page, it is very possible to find love in college.

Just be aware that not everyone is looking for love – so don’t throw yourself headfirst into something that might not work out great for you in the long run!

Is Dating Common In College Or Just Hookups?

Is College A Good Place To Find Love?

Dating in college is common, and so are hookups. The experience you have in college is totally dependent on what you are after, and the people you surround yourself with.

You will find yourself only hooking up if that is what you are looking for, but if you are looking to seriously date, you would be more cautious of who you spend time with, and this would allow you to find someone suitable and like-minded.

There are hits and misses in college, with you wanting to date someone who only wants to hook up and vice versa, but just be aware that everyone has different goals and priorities in college, and that you should not put too much pressure on yourself to date or to find your future partner!

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