How Many Grad Schools Should I Apply To?

How Many Grad Schools Should I Apply To?

Deciding to apply to grad school is the first step, but from there you would have a lot of questions that need answering.The most common question that pops up is “how many grad schools should I apply to?”

In general, we have found that applying to 4 and no more than 6 grad schools is enough. Applying to too many grad schools at a time will weaken your application as you won’t focus or put in the required effort for each.

If you are confused about what to do, you are not alone!

While there is no right or wrong answer to this, there is a general guideline that you could follow that might help you decide how many grad schools you should apply to.

There is no point in applying to loads of grad schools with weak applications, so ensuring that you choose the right amount of grad schools that still allow you to submit focused applications is important!

Here is what you need to know when struggling with how many grad schools to apply to!

Apply To Multiple Grad Schools

How Many Grad Schools Should I Apply To?

There is no set answer with how many grad schools you should apply to, and each situation is unique. However, it is generally accepted to send around 4 or 5 applications per round of applications.

Applying to more than this will definitely show with a lack of focus and enthusiasm in your applications, and while you might have applied to lots of grad schools, this does damper your chances of actually getting in.

Think about if you get positive interaction back from the grad schools – you cannot entertain conversation and potential admission with all of them. You need to find a balance between giving yourself enough chances to get in, but not too many applications that you lose focus.

It is so common for an applicant to have everything needed and all boxes ticked, and more, to be a great candidate for a grad school, but their application is lacking genuine interest and a good reason to be chosen. You need to put some personality into the application and make it specific to that school.

Showing genuine interest and effort in your application will definitely help you get some good results, but do not overload yourself with too many applications that this becomes difficult to do.

Only applying to 4 or 5 grad schools is a good amount to stick to!

Is Getting Into Grad School Easy?

It really is not easy to say if it is easy or not to get into grad school, as everyone has a different experience and each school has different entrance criteria.

There is no guarantee that you will get into grad school, and applicants to grad school are already within the top 10% of their university or college.

While grad schools have similar applicant and acceptance rates to undergraduate schools, it does seem a little harder to get into grad school than undergraduate school.

The main reason for this is that you are not competing with such a wide range of applicants like you were in undergrad, but now you are competing for a spot with some of the best applicants around.

There will be some less competitive programs to look into, but this does not really matter if it is not within the field you are looking into.

There are also so many factors to consider. Is it a good program for you? Are you the right student? Is the professor taking on new candidates? So many smaller factors go into determining how hard or easy it is to get into grad school.

The best way to give yourself a fighting chance is to work towards a good GPA and try to get involved in as much as you can.

What GPA Do Grad Schools Want?

Some grad schools set the minimum GPA at 3.5, while some can even go as low as 2.5. Most however average around 3.0 at least and will consider applications with this score and over.

Grad schools will value higher GPA scores more than lower ones, but there are other factors that they consider. A 4.0 GPA will definitely make your application stand out among the rest, but different grad schools do have different requirements, so it does depend on where you are applying.

Most grad schools will clearly state their GPA requirements, and if not, you could always ask before applying.

Also, consider the grad school you are applying to. If it is a prestigious school with an outstanding reputation, their GPA requirements might be high. You should also consider the field of study. Law and medical schools are known to have fairly high GPA minimum requirements.

Get to know the requirements of the grad school first, and take it from there. Your GPA might be fine for some grad schools, but too low for others, so do your research before applying.

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What Happens If Your GPA Isn’t High Enough For Grad School?

How Many Grad Schools Should I Apply To?

Your GPA will definitely play a role in whether you are accepted into grad school or not, but there are other factors that come into play which schools do consider.There are other ways that you can prove yourself to the school, even if your GPA isn’t high enough.

One way to do this is to take the GRE or another grad school test. These tests usually predict how well you will do in a graduate program.

Another factor to consider is if you have any industry certifications, which will hold some weight. Your portfolio might show your skills in a certain field, or your personal essay, detailing your grad goals and reasons for low scores, could all play a big part in your acceptance.

Don’t give up just because you have a bad GPA – try all the different routes first.

Can I Get Into A Master’s Program With a 2.5 GPA?

There are people who have got into a Master’s program with a 2.5 GPA. They would have proven their worth to the program in other ways, as there are many factors that are considered for admission outside of a GPA.

Don’t let a low GPA set you back. Take the initiative to let the college know your interest, and why you think you are the best candidate for the position!

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