21 Unique Gifts For College Students They Will love

21 Unique Gifts For College Students They Will love

Looking for unique gifts for college students they will actually use and love!? 

College comes with quite a large amount of stress and even more work, and many college students are living away from home for the first time. Giving a college student a well-thought-out gift can help make their college experience that much more enjoyable, and easier.

There are many gifts a college student would love, from gifts to help with organization, gifts to make living away from home easier, and others just as a treat.

To help you pick out a gift for a college student, we have picked out some amazing items that any college student would love!

Gifts For College Students

Reusable Straws

Reusable straws are a great gift for the environmentally friendly college student. They won’t have to worry about using flimsy paper straws when they are out, and they will be able to take their own with them wherever they go.


The Vehhe Metal Straw pack comes with two straight straws, two bent straws, a cleaning brush, and a carry case to keep it all tucked away in when out and about.

A hydro flask is an absolute must for college students. It allows them to stay hydrated during their busiest days in college and keeps water cool and fresh for hours on end. 

The Hydro Flask Skyline Series Water Bottle has a flex cap that can be hooked onto a bag, and the mouth and size of the flask can accommodate ice cubes.

The bottles are non-toxic and BPA –free, and made from food-grade stainless steel.

An undated planner is really great to use in college, and as it is undated, you can use it any time to reach personalized goals and stick to personalized schedules.


The NotePro Undated Daily Planner measures 11 by 8.5 inches, so it will fit perfectly into college backpacks!

Air fryers are an absolute gift to any kitchen, but college students can really benefit from having one. They take up very little space, and can easily and quickly cook up so many different meals, with very little oil. 

The space-saving and compact size of this airfryer is ideal for college rooms, saving space while still making delicious meals.

College can be overwhelming, with an increased workload and feeling homesick.

What better way to comfort a college student than by gifting them a healing thought blanket.

The blanket is incredibly soft and warm and has printed healing thoughts such as Perseverance, Love and Positivity, to remind the college student to keep their head up.

Bullet Blender

College rooms and apartments are often small, and college students often find themselves with too little time to worry about a healthy breakfast.

The Nutribullet is a great gift to ensure that the college student can easily blend up a healthy breakfast of fruit and yogurt into a smoothie.

Plus the smoothie cup has a sippable lid that can be taken to lectures in the morning.

With little free time at college, it can be difficult to visit the gym often.

Because of this, workout equipment that can be used in a college dorm is such a great help.


This 22-pack set are easy to adjust and allows you to complete a variety of workouts from the comfort of your dorm room..

For college students who travel between college and home often, a good toiletry bag is a must-have.

They will be able to keep all their personal toiletries in one place to move between college and home easily.

The Hanging Toiletry Bag has an internal lining to easily clean up spills and leaks. It is made with durable polyester to be strong, long-lasting and to resist common bathroom spills.

Many college students live off of coffee, but this can become an expensive habit if they do not have their own coffee machine.

The Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker serves up single cups of coffee and fits travel mugs.

It has a minimalist and stunning design and is absolutely perfect for college students.

Travel Mug

With a good coffee machine, a college student will need a good travel mug. It doesn’t get better than the Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug, which has an auto seal lid to prevent leaks and spills. Hot drinks stay warm for up to 5 hours, and cold for up to 12 hours thanks to the Thermalock Vacuum Insulation.

One push of a button allows for one-handed drinking, perfect for going between lectures and drinking while studying.

Sports Watch

A sports watch such as the Apple Watch Series 3 can be such a great personal assistant for college students, helping to set reminders, track fitness and help to achieve different goals, whether work or fitness related.

It pays to purchase a good-quality sports watch which will last, and the Apple Watch Series 3 is exactly that.

Programmable Alarm Clock

Different lecture times can be difficult to keep up with, and college students might be looking for a more personalized alarm system. 

A programmable alarm clock, such as this one can be programmed with different alarm times, and even has a soft blue night light.

The alarm clock can be programmed for weekdays, weekends, or all seven.

Sometimes, a little treat does a world of good.

A scented candle is such a great gift, and the Balance and Harmony scent from the Chesapeake Bay Scented Candle is perfect for stressful college times.

The candle has a burn time of around 50 hours, and the soft colored frosted jar helps the flame shine through gently when lit.

Reliable luggage can be such a lifesaver in college.

It doesn’t have to be huge, but medium-sized luggage which can keep contents safe is perfect.

The Samsonite Omni Luggage with spinner wheels will be such an asset for any college student traveling often.

As they won’t be at home anymore, college students need to be a little more responsible on their own.

A first aid kit is an essential item for a college student, but often something they might not think to buy on their own.

This First Aid Only Kit has everything needed to treat minor aches and injuries on your own and really should be included in any college room.

For an extra treat, you could gift the college students some amazing AirPod Pros.

College comes with lots of distractions and studying, and the noise cancellation abilities and immersive sound capabilities of the AirPod Pro’s will be so incredibly helpful at college.

Whether the college student uses them for studying or to listen to music between lectures, they will really appreciate the gift.

Safety should always be a priority, and keeping a stun gun flashlight in a college backpack is a good way to feel secure when out on campus alone or walking around at night.

This Stun Gun has a rechargeable LED flashlight and comes with rechargeable batteries so the student won’t have to worry about buying expensive batteries.

Most of college is spent out on campus away from home. A smart backpack is so incredibly helpful.

This backpack has an extra-large main compartment to fit laptops and tablets, and the adjustable shoulder straps help make carrying the bag comfortable. There are other lockable compartments for smaller valuable as well.

With so much work and studying in college, building a comfortable study area is really important.

A good study lamp can make a huge difference in the success of a study session.

The TaoTronics Desk Lamp has a flicker-free light that is gentle on the eyes. There are 5 color modes to choose from and 7 different brightness levels.

The built-in USB port also keeps your phone charged while you work!

Cooking in college can be challenging, and is often done on limited resources.

Knowing how to pair up a small number of ingredients together to make a meal is a great help, and The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook does exactly this, helping to create healthy recipes during college with only 5 ingredients needed for each meal!

This has to be one of my favorite gifts for college student ideas on the list (especially if you’re trying to eat healthy in college)

It can be difficult to overcome homesickness in college. A digital photo frame loaded with pictures of family and friends is such a heartwarming gift, and gives the college student a piece of home at college.

Ths Digital Photo Frame comes with background music as well to play your favorite songs along with special photos, creating a wonderful ambiance.

If you can’t think of anything to get a college student, your next best bet is an Amazon gift card.

There are so many possibilities of what they can buy, whether it be something fun or useful for college, and they have the gift of deciding themselves!

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These are easily the best college gift ideas I have received. I have gotten a ton of useless stuff but these are all things I actually used and loved my freshman year. The best gifts for college students #college #giftguide
These are easily the best college gift ideas I have received. I have gotten a ton of useless stuff but these are all things I actually used and loved my freshman year. The best gifts for college students #college #giftguide
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