Everything You Can Do When You Turn 18

Everything You Can Do When You Turn 18

Turning 18 is such a big milestone.

Even though you’re still a teenager, you’re an adult in the eyes of, well, everyone!

And although in the States it may seem to be more exciting to turn 21 than 18, there is still so much you can do at 18 that you can’t at 17.

I was so excited to turn 18 and the long list of things you can do once you turn 18 just added to that excited.

So here is..

Everything You Can Do When You Turn 18

  1. Vote (duh!) You’re a proper adult now who has the right to vote in major (and local) elections. Congratulations!

2. Join the Military

3. Register for the Selective Services (mandatory for males)

4. Get a tattoo

5. Give blood

6. Buy a pet

7. Be on a jury

8. Sue someone

9. Have a drink in most places outside the United States

10. Get married

11. Buy fireworks

12. Buy spray paint

13. Buy a lottery ticket

14. Buy a car

15. Run for state office (in most states)

16. Get a credit card

17. Legally change your name

18. Buy real estate

19. Book a hotel room

20. Buy stock

21. become a notary public

22. Enter an adults-only store

23. Skydive

24. Work in a bar and serve drinks

25. Open a bank account

26. Sign yourself out of highschool

27. Have sex legally with someone over 18

28. Get a costco card

29. Apply to find your biological parents (if adopted)

30. Get licensed to drive a truck

31. Work full-time

32. Drive a taxi

33. Register to be an organ donor

34. Got to the ER alone

35. Bet on a horserace

36. Rent an Airbnb

37. Consent to your own medical care

38. Move out of your parents home

39. Buy pornography

40. Adopt a child

41. Pawn your belongings

42. Create a will

43. Buy and use tobacco products

44. Drive late at night

45. Become a realtor

46. Get piercings

47. Buy cigarettes

48. Get a 10-year passport

49. Use a ride-sharing scooter (Lime or Bird)

50. Travel alone

There’s honestly so much to be excited about when it comes to your 18th birthday!

Congratulations! And welcome to the real world

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