Absolute Best Self Help Books For College Students You Have To Read Before Graduating

Best self help books for college students

College is the best time for self-development, learning, and improving yourself!

You might feel you have enough on your plate as it is, but you will be surprised at the life-long benefits you will gain from a good self-help book.

Set aside some time each week for self-development, and choose one of the best self-help books for college students from the hand-picked list below

Best Self Help Books For College Students

The Self Help Book: 6 Practical Ways To Never Stop Growing

To be successful in life, both at home and professionally, you need to constantly grow. 

This sounds elusive and vague, but with the help of The Self Help Book, you will find a clear outline on how to never stop growing.

The self-help book is a short and insightful guide that is filled with encouragement and inspiration and helps to give you a unique perspective on your life, no matter your age or where you are in life.

There are six practical growth processes covered in the book: Confidence. Competence. Clarity. Character. Connections. Commitment.

The wonderful thing about this book is you can pick it up and read whatever chapter you need right then. Having problems meeting people in college? Read the connections chapter.

It is a self-help book that you will use throughout life, and which will help you make the most of your own potential during college.

12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos

This book by Jordan B. Peterson is one that all college students should read.

It pushes you to judge your own intellect and ideologies and opens up discussion for freedom, discipline, and responsibilities.

The book will have you questioning yourself and what you believe in, as well as science and faith and what we see as the norm for a good life.

It pushes you to think differently about what you know and encourages you to break the stereotype of success.

Jorden B. Peterson gives food for thought in this book, but in a wonderfully entertaining way with a great mix of information and humor.

The 12 Rules For Life will help to shatter what you think you know and instead help to transform you into a new way of thought.

You Are A Badass

You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life, is a book every self-doubting college student needs to read!

Written by bestselling author and success coach Jen Sincero, the book features 27 bite-sized chapters which are packed with advice, easy exercises, inspiring stories, and much more, all of which help you to identify your self-sabotaging beliefs and habits, and how to change them.

The book will give you the power and the confidence to create the life that you want, to be as successful as you want to be, and to find happiness in yourself.

After reading the book, you will be able to better understand yourself, understand and love the parts of yourself that you can’t change, and how to better the parts of yourself that you can! You are the driving force behind your own success, and this book will help you find that force.

Thinking, Fast And Slow

11/04/2021 12:10 am GMT

Thinking, Fast and Slow, written by Daniel Kahneman, challenges the readers’ intellect and rationale.

No matter how much one considers themselves to be a rational thinker, there is always a sense of bias.

For college students, this is often a big hurdle to overcome, and realizing one’s own bias can be a difficult task.

In this book, you are encouraged to judge your process of thinking.

The book covers the two systems that drive the way that we think, the first being fast, intuitive and emotional, and the second being more logical, more deliberative, and slower. 

Daniel Kahneman outlines why we cannot always trust our intuition, and how we can tap more into the process of slower thinking.

This form of slower thinking helps to make better decisions in both your business and personal life and helps you be a better student overall.

It is a book that every critical-thinking student needs to read, to judge their own method of thought, and remove any biases that might be keeping them back from clear judgments and decisions, whether in their personal life or in their college work.

I’ll Be Happy When

For most of us, happiness seems like a goal we have to achieve.

We spend our time chasing after the idea of happiness, and before long, you realize that this is the very reason it has eluded you for so long.

Jared Springer covers this wonderfully in his book I’ll Be Happy When.

The book features his journey of starting a multi-million dollar business, and how happiness evaded him no matter his level of success.

He kept putting his boundaries further out, thinking his next achievement would bring happiness.

This book highlights our search for happiness, but instead helps you to define your own happiness, and remove the curse of searching for happiness in your life.

Shoot Your Shot

Shoot Your Shot: A Sport-Inspired Guide To Living Your Best Life is a self-help book for sports lovers, and those who need help achieving their goals in college and after.

The book is written in quarters, much like how you would play a basketball game, with each of the four chapters equipping the reader with tools and knowledge for success. In the book, key principles are identified and explained, all of which were used by the most elite basketball players to find their success and navigate through life.

In the book, you will find names such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and more, with each step they took to find stardom, the principles they followed to become the best versions of themselves, and how you might use their examples in your own life.

For college students, and anyone else, this is a powerful book that uses real-life examples of success to demonstrate how you could attain your own goals.

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