How To Cool A Dorm Room Without Air Conditioning (5 LIFE-CHANGING TIPS)

How To Cool A Dorm Room Without Air Conditioning

During summer, nothing seems to heat up faster than a dorm room without air conditioning. The heat can be relentless, and without air conditioning, it seems impossible to cool the room down. How do you cool a dorm room without air conditioning?

While air conditioning is the best way to cool a dorm room down, there are some other simple tricks and lifestyle changes that will help you survive the summer months in your dorm room without the help of AC!

Read on to find out exactly how to cool your dorm room down without any air conditioning!

Do Dorm Rooms Have Air Conditioning?

Do Dorm Rooms Have Air Conditioning?

Whether or not a dorm room has air conditioning will depend on the college you are at, and the dorm you are living in.

Most commonly, dorm rooms do not have air conditioning. It is too big an expense, and running the AC, along with maintenance, just isn’t feasible. Some colleges will have AC for main student areas in the dorms, but when it comes to your actual room, the chances of having air conditioning are low.

Generally, older dorm rooms are less likely to have air conditioning, and you might be lucky in a newly built dorm room that has some sort of air conditioning, but don’t count on it. You might find central air conditioning in dorm rooms in colleges placed in warmer climate areas, but these are not always effective at cooling down dorm rooms enough.

Rather find out this information before moving into a dorm room, so you can be better prepared for the warmer months.

How Do You Survive A Dorm Without Air Conditioning?

How Do You Survive A Dorm Without Air Conditioning?

The heat might seem relentless, and you might feel hopeless without any air conditioning, but there are some ways to fight off the heat and survive in a dorm room without any AC!

Here are some things you can try to cool the room down, and hopefully make you feel more comfortable during hotter weather:

Purchase A Fan

Fans can work almost as well as AC if placed properly in the room. You could also look at buying more than one fan for your dorm room, just to make sure the air circulates properly.

You could place a strong stand-up fan near the foot of your bed, and a box fan on your desk to cool you when you are sleeping or studying. Two fans will definitely cool your room down more.

There are cooling fans that you could purchase that have a cooling mist function. This works to keep you even cooler and works much like air conditioning does.

Buy A Lightweight Blanket

You are going to be hot using the comforter and duvet you use during winter. Instead, purchase a lightweight duvet for summer. Some special lightweight duvets and comforters are made to be used when it is hot out, so you can still feel comfortable under a blanket, but not overheat in the process.

Use Your Sheets

If you do not have the budget to purchase a new lightweight blanket, you could swap out your sheets and your duvet. Instead of sleeping on top of your sheets and using a duvet to cover you, rather sleep on top of your duvet and use the sheet to cover you.

A sheet will obviously keep you much cooler than a duvet will, and this is a way to swap out your blankets without paying a cent!

Make Use Of Ice

If you do not already have a small freezer in your room, you might want to invest in one! One of the simplest ways to survive the heat in summer in your dorm room is to add ice to your water and whatever else you drink. It just seems to work so well to bring down your temperature.

For when the heat is really bad, you could always use the ice as ice packs to cool you down even more!

Keep Your Blinds Closed

You might hate the idea of having to work in a room devoid of sunlight, but this sunlight can be a big contributing factor as to why your dorm room is so warm to begin with.

How Can I Cool A Room Without A Window Or AC?

How Can I Cool A Room Without A Window Or AC?

The most straightforward way to keep your room cool without a window or AC is to purchase some fans. You can store them away in the winter, and they are relatively cheap.

Not only will a fan help to keep you cool, but it cools the room down as well, so you can be comfortable in your room no matter the time of day.

Another option, which you could use on its own or with a fan, is a spray water bottle. Simply purchase a spray bottle from your local store, fill it with some cool water (and ice if you have), and use this to mist yourself with to cool down. 

For rooms that don’t have windows, you could open the door. Often, dorm corridors are cooler than the dorm rooms, and simply opening the door and letting the cooler air in could bring down the temperature of your room significantly. You will also be letting in some fresh air!

You should also try to switch off any electronic devices that you do not need. Many of these emit heat that can build up in a small dorm room. Make a habit of switching off any electronics and appliances you are not using.

Lastly, you could look to keep a cool-mist humidifier in your room as well. This will produce moisture in the air, which is sent out in a cool vapor. There is a good chance that this will lower the temperature in your room, and help you recover from the heat you are feeling.

Can You Bring An AC To College?

Most college dorm rooms do have a ban on items that you can bring with you to your dorm, and often air conditioners are quite high up on this list.

There are a few reasons why air conditioners are banned in dorm rooms. The one is that installation might be very difficult, and might not meet the safety standards that the college has.

Secondly, the electricity and energy use of air conditioners is quite substantial, and it is not fair for one student to be allowed extra energy usage while others aren’t.

There will be a clear guideline on what you can and cannot bring with you when it comes to your dorm room. Make sure to pay attention to this list, as the penalties and consequences of having banned items in your room can be quite serious.

Instead of taking an air conditioner to your dorm room, rather opt for a good quality fan that has cooling or misting functions. These will work well in a small dorm room space.

Keeping Your Dorm Room Cool

While air conditioning is the best way to cool a room, the above suggestions will all help to cool down your dorm room when there is no AC available.

A few simple tricks and steps can really make a difference in bringing down the temperature of your dorm room, and make those hot summer months a bit more bearable!

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